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In the Media

BBC Panorama Report Features Peace Now

Report on "Price Tag" - "Those who carry out 'price tag' acts don’t only harm Israel from within – they also damage its international image. "This report proves that if the authorities set their minds to it they could locate and punish the perpetrators. The responsibility is Bibi's – not the BBC's."

State Ordered to Compensate Peace Now - Again

Hebron Court Case Following the state's request to a delay to submit a response to Peace Now's petition on the evacuation of settlers from stores they invaded in the West Bnak city of Hebron, Justice Rubinstein ruled that the state will pay the petitioners ₪ 5000. "Given the large number extension requests."

Sugar-coated racism

OPED by Yariv Oppenheimer, Haaretz, Aug. 22, 2012

Brits for Peace Now Raising the Boycott Settlements Issue in the UK

Jewish Chronicle reports: Peace Now to debate boycotts

Hagit Ofran's Latest Blog on the Huffington Post

The Compensation Package for the Settlers: 851 Units to Undermine the Two States Solution

Israel to build 850 homes in West Bank

June 07, 2012 - Associated Press

Lebanon War and Peace

1-6-12 - Yoaz Hendel