Accessibility Notice

The purpose of making the website accessible is to make the website available, and user-friendly for people with disabilities, either with their hands or with their eyesight, users with cognitive deficiencies, users who are challenged with operating a computer and the Internet, and to allow everyone to browse comfortably and quickly while enjoying the website’s contents.

Website accessibility methods

Qualification: the website is supported by qualified browsers. Internet Explorer is supported by version X and later.

Content on the website: the contents on the website were written in simple and clear wording.

Website’s design: the website was designed while taking into account the compatibility to users and clients with optical deficiencies.

Website’s structure: the structure was established on easy-to-use and clear navigation and on list-based menus, which allow easy, simple and quick orientation on the website.

Display customization on the website: users having difficulty with seeing and who are interested in enlarging the website’s display can do so by simultaneously clicking “Ctrl” and “+” (Control and the plus sign). In order to make the display smaller, click simultaneously on “Ctrl” and “-” (Control and the minus sign).