More then 3 Million people live in the West Bank, 86% of them are Palestinians.

Number of Settlements146

Settlements in the West Bank that were officially established by the government (East Jerusalem excluded).

Number of Outposts (Including Farms)191

Outposts are settlements that were established since the 1990's without government approval and are considered illegal according to Israeli law.

Out of the outposts established: 2 outposts were evicted (Migron and Amona); 27 outposts were legalized (four as independent settlements and 23 as "neighborhoods" of existing settlements); at least 22 outposts are in the process of being legalized (plans promoted and/or a government resolution). The outposts phenomenon started mainly under Netanyahu as Prime Minister in 1996, and it was stopped in 2005. In 2012 the government of Netanyahu started to established illegal outposts again.