Civil Administration Advances 1,936 Settlement Units

In two consecutive meetings on 5 and 6 January 2020, the Higher Planning Council of the Civil Administration advanced construction plans for 1,936 settlement housing units. 89% of the units promoted are in settlements that Israel may have to evacuate under a future peace agreement with the Palestinians (Geneva Initiative proposed borders).

1,150 of the units were approved for deposit (phase one of the planning process), while 786 units were approved for validation (final approval, though some larger settlements additionally require a tender).

Peace Now:Despite lacking a clear mandate, for this caretaker government it’s business as usual – Continue the massive promotion of harmful and unnecessary construction in occupied territory and in places that Israel will have to evacuate. Netanyahu continues to sabotage the prospects of peace, dragging Israel into an anti-democratic one-state reality resembling apartheid.”

Noteworthy plans

Mitzpe Danny – A plan of 180 units was deposited for this illegal outpost of about 50 families, established in 1999 partially on private Palestinian land. The plan is thus intended to retroactively legalize the outpost and thereby whitewash an illegal settler takeover of private Palestinian land.

Haresha – Haresha is an illegal outpost, established in 1997 on private Palestinian land and undefined land. About 70 families reside there. Over the years, a survey process was carried out in the area on which the outpost was established and was declared state land, except for part of the access road to the outpost, which was paved on private Palestinian land. A plan for 258 housing units was advanced to the validation stage (final stage), despite not having an access road  built on state land. For the purpose of legalizing the outpost, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit issued an opinion permitting Palestinian lands to be temporarily confiscated and to pave the rest of the access road with a tunnel under the land to the outpost.

Mitzpe Yericho – A plan to retroactively legalize 147 illegal housing units in this settlement has now received approval (validation stage).

Complete List of Plans Advanced

  • Rechelim – 7 units
  • Elon Moreh – 107 units
  • Zufim – 92 units
  • Etz Efraim – 10 units
  • Ariel – 12 units
  • Givat Ze’ev – 136 units
  • Karnei Shomron – 120 units
  • Ma’aleh Adumim – 63 units
  • Mitzpeh Yericho – 147 units
  • Halamish – 100 units
  • Mitzpe Danny (to be legalized as part of Ma’ale Mikhmas) – 180 units
  • Almon (Anatot) – 91 units
  • Shvut Rachel (formally part of Shilo) – 204 units
  • Talmon – 224 units
  • Haresha (to be legalized as part of Talmon) – 258 units
  • Kochav Yaacov – 160 units
  • Peduel – 25 units

Click here for the full spreadsheet on these plans advanced

Some of the plans were not advanced in their entirety, leading to a slightly lower number than the 2,061 figure Peace Now predicted.