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How Great it is To Be Right Wing!

16/3/14 - A New Clip by Peace Now

A Disaster-in-the-Making: The (Potential) New Settlements in Hebron

12/3/14 - For the first time since the 80's, a new settlement in Hebron might be established.

The Settlements Boom of the First 8 Months of Netanyahu's Government

9/11/13 - Thousands of new units promoted by the Netanyahu Government, not only when the prisoners were released - Peace Now and Americans for Peace Now new report

Our Fight for Peace - A New Clip by Peace Now

4/11/13 - 18 years after the assassination of PM Rabin, Peace Now continues the fight for peace. Watch and share our new video clip.

New Tenders for 1889 Units in the West Bank and East Jerusalem

3/11/13 – Two days before Kerry’s visit, the Government is publishing tenders for 1,061 units in West Bank settlements and another 828 units in East Jerusalem.

The Two State Solution is Still Alive 20 Years After Oslo

17/1013 - The settlements may have destroyed trust between the sides but, they have not destroyed the two-state solution

Drastic Rise in Construction in the Settlements

17/10/13 - 70% rise in construction at the first half of 2013, 86% of it without tenders

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Majority of the Knesset Will Vote for Peace

22/7/13 - Netanyahu, you've got the majority to lead to peace.

The Government Promoted Plans for 5170 units in 3 monthes

22/7/13 - 5,170 units were promoted in the planning process in settlements since the establishment of the Netanyahu Government