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Settlers Take Over Two Houses in Hebron

21/1/16 - The Government should decide if they will stay

The Minister of Defense Approves the Confiscation of 1500 Dunams

20/1/16 - The land, south of Jericho, was cultivated by settlers

Appointed Attorney General Proposes to Confiscate Private Palestinian Lands for Settlements

7/1/16 - The first outpost to be legalized this way is Derech Ha'avot

A New Settlement Established South of Bethlehem

7/1/16 - The Minister of Defense approved it at the request of the settlers

Main Figures and Data on Settlements

24/12/15 - Settlements development in numbers

Who is Funding the Right-Wing NGOs?

14/12/15 - 95% of the funding is not transparent

First Decleration of State Land Since the Establishment of the Current Government

8/12/15 - 30 dunams confiscated for the expansion of Karnei Shomron settlement