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The Government is seeking to confiscate private Palestinian lands for a settlement

21/6/15 - in order to avoid the demolition of 17 houses in the Derech Haavot outpost.

Netnayahu's new spin: the Blocs Initiative

28/5/15 - The offer to negotiate the blocs is actually a bluff.

Settlers are secretly erecting a new settlement near the El-Aroub refugee camp

27/5/15 - If established, the new settlement would have severe effect on the area

Settlers seek the eviction of 7 families from their homes in Silwan

26/5/15 - In a lawsuit settlers claim the right of return to Jewish properties in East Jerusalem

Settlers Take Over Another House in Silwan

6/5/15 - Another point of friction is being created by the settlers in Silwan

The Ramat Shlomo Plan is to get the Final Green Light

4/5/15 - The Planning Committee will convene on Wednesday 6/5/15 to approve the construction in Ramat Shlomo

Settlers Entered New Properties in Silwan

22/3/15 - Three apartments and 2 open lots are now under the control of the settlers

So How Much was Built in the Settlements?

12/3/15 - ICBS and Peace Now data discrepancy explained

The video Bibi and Bennett don't want you to watch

10/3/15 - Peace Now presents: the real policy of Netanyahu in settlements