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Yaalon orders the eviction of army bases for settlement expansion

18/12/14 - Yaalon promotes settlement activity as the Likud primaries are coming near.

Rally to oppose the Jewish State Bill

Saturday, 29/11/14, 19:30 outside the Prime Minister's home, Jerusalem

Infrastructure Projects Agreed with the Settlers

11/11/14 - Netanyahu agreed to implement series of projects in settlements

Why is Givat Hamatos So Significant?

2/10/14 - Netanyahu is trying to play down the significance of Givat Hamatos plan, here is why he's wrong.

Plan for Givat Hamatos Approved

1/10/14 - The validation ad for the plan to build 2610 units in East Jerusalem was published a few days ago

Settlers Take Over 6 Houses in Silwan

30/9/14 - The biggest settlement action since the 90's will allow the settlers to grow by 35%

So How Many Settlers Are There?

17/9/14 - Settlers want us to believe that the settlements are irreversible - our take on AP's publication

The Appeals Committee Cancelled Construction Permit Granted to Elad at Hashalom Forest

16/9/14 - A victory scored by Peace Now in the fight for a future agreement in Jerusalem

When marketing of units increases by 866%, CBS data shows 70% drop in construction starts

9/9/14 - The construction data of the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics.

High Court advises sending Nahla land case back to appeals panel

8/9/14 - New Development on the case of the "E2" planned settlement (Givat Eitam)