The Impact of Bypass Roads on the Development of Settlements

Lieberman Road – Case Study

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Main Findings:
The accelerated development of settlements along the Lieberman Road has become evident in the eight years since it was opened to traffic:

  • 90% increase in the number of settlers (3,122 in late 2008; 5,923 in late 2014).
  • At least 450 new residential units were built, comprising and increase of 1.5 in the number of residential units.
  • ~7,200 new residential units in various planning stages: 293 residential units in Tko’a and Nokdim have been approved by the Minister of Defense and are subject to the approval process; plans for another 900 new residential units in Tko’a, Asfar and Ma’aleh Amos have been submitted to the planning institutions; plans for establishing a city of ~6,000 residential units in Ma’aleh Amos are being prepared by the Ministry of Housing.
  • Three new settlement points were established:
    1. A new illegal outpost west of Ma’aleh Amos;
    2. A new industrial zone is being built north of Ma’aleh Amos;
    3. Settlers conduct various activities on the military base that was vacated, east of Beit Sahour (“Shdema”) and they have established in it a gallery and synagogue.
  • Four illegal outposts are becoming settlements – Four illegal outposts are in various stages of planning and approval (Ibei HaNachal, Ma’aleh Rehavam, Kfar Eldad and Sdeh Bar).
  • Tourism development – Tens of millions of NIS were invested at the Herodion site, with a marked increase in the number of visitors.

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