Minister Gallant Paves the Way for the Establishment of New Settlements in the Northern West Bank

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced today the cancellation of the order prohibiting Israelis from entering areas in the northern West Bank from which Israel withdrew after the 2005 disengagement law. This is the first step towards potentially establishing future settlements in these areas. This means that Israelis are now allowed to visit and stay in these places, making it easier to establish a presence and outposts there.

Peace Now “Instead of safeguarding Israel’s security and political interests, Gallant is catering to the extreme settler factions. The last thing Israel needs is more isolated and unnecessary settlements that will be a security burden and move us further away from a necessary and urgent political solution. Our political leadership must change direction, work to end the war and pursue a comprehensive regional agreement based on two states. Only this way will we bring security, return the hostages, and prevent international isolation. This is the real victory.”


In the summer of 2005, Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip and evacuated all settlements there. Simultaneously, four settlements in the northern West Bank around Jenin—Ganim, Kadim, Sa-Nur, and Homesh—were also evacuated. The Knesset then enacted the Disengagement Law, which prohibited Israelis from entering areas from which Israel had withdrawn.

Following the establishment of the current government, in March 2023, the Knesset approved a law overturning the prohibition in the Disengagement Law, allowing Israelis to enter the territories evacuated in 2005. The immediate goal of this legislation was to enable the establishment of a new settlement in Homesh, where settlers had illegally established an outpost in violation of the Disengagement Law and other laws.

However, immediately after the prohibition was lifted, the Central Command Major General issued a military order prohibiting Israelis from entering the evacuated settlements: Ganim, Kadim, and Sa-Nur, except for Homesh. The government then continued proceedings to promote a legal settlement in Homesh.

According to Gallant’s announcement, the military order has been canceled, and settlers are now allowed to enter and stay in areas of the northern West Bank. To establish settlements in these areas in accordance with Israeli procedures, the next step required is to declare their land as part of the jurisdiction of a local authority, as was done in Homesh. After this, planning procedures to establish settlements can begin. Some reports indicate an intention to extend the jurisdiction of the Samaria Regional Council to include the three evacuated settlements. It should be noted that over the past year, settlers have conducted visits and events in the evacuated settlement areas with coordination and security from the IDF.

*Note: All settlements in the occupied territories are illegal under international law; the reference here is to the rules and regulations set by Israel for establishing settlements.