CFPN Voices Cautious Hope in Palestinian Unity Deal


TORONTO—[May 4, 2011]–Canadian Friends of Peace Now has expressed cautious hope in the reconciliation agreement signed today in Cairo between the two main Palestinian factions.

“There are those like Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, who quickly condemned the deal, but we do not join them,” said CFPN Co-chair Prof. Stephen Scheinberg of Montreal.  “Netanyahu has now assumed the role of a jilted suitor, telling the Palestinian Authority that it abandons peace with Israel in embracing Hamas.”

“However,” Scheinberg said, “Netanyahu has offered nothing to the PA, not even a sustained settlement freeze.  He rejected every overture for peace from the most moderate leaders of the Palestinians and now he pretends to be the bride deserted at the altar of peace.”

Co-chair Sheldon Gordon of Toronto expressed some hope for the deal.  “Since Hamas’s takeover of Gaza, it’s been said that the PA cannot speak for all Palestinians.  Now that is about to change. There could be one Palestinian address for those seeking peace.”

“Will Hamas, as part of a reunited Palestinian leadership, eschew violence against Israel?” said Gordon.  “Will it accept the results of any peace talks conducted by President Abbas?  If these conditions are met,” said Gordon, “then there is room for optimism.”

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