Advancement of a Building Plan in East Jerusalem at Ramot neighborhood settlement, adjacent to the Village of Beit Iksa

Update from November 23, 2023: The discussion has been postponed to an unknown date upon the businessman’s request.

The Jerusalem District Planning Committee will convene on Monday, November 20, 2023, to deposit a plan for “Ramot Alon West” (Plan no. 101-0766758) for 439 housing units. The plan is situated in northern Jerusalem, beyond the Green Line, and within the municipal borders of Jerusalem, in the area that was annexed after 1967. This plan expands the Ramot Alon neighborhood westbound, closer to the Palestinian village of Beit Iksa, which is separated by the separation barrier.

The plan encompasses the construction of nine residential towers and further extends the Ramot Gimmel neighborhood. The area covered by this plan is 122 dunams, with approximately half of it, 63 dunams, designated for public spaces under the jurisdiction of the Jerusalem Municipality. These public spaces include educational and religious buildings, playgrounds, promenades, pathways, and more.

This plan brings the expansion of the Ramot Alon neighborhood closer to the Palestinian village of Beit Iksa and is the nearest construction project to the village that has been approved by the Jerusalem District Planning Committee.

Peace Now: “In the midst of the war against Hamas, the government of Israel is maintaining its commitment to actively opposing any potential political solution with the Palestinians. This, like the Kidmat Zion plan at the Palestinian al-Amud neighborhood that was advanced on the second day of the war, continues the government effort to establish facts on the ground that contradict the long-term interests of peace from both the Israeli and Palestinian perspectives.”