Unprecedented Planning Strike on East Jerusalem: 6,600 units in 4 days

The Netanyahu Government is setting as many facts on the ground as possible before the election. After the promotion of the plans in E1, and the declaration on 3,000 new tenders to be built in settlements, the planning authorities are in the process of approving soe 6,600 units in East Jerusalem in 4 days.

Ramat Shlomo – 1,600 units – the Regional planning committee approved yesterday (17.12.12) the plan that was known for creating a diplomatic crisis when approved for depositing during the Vice President Beiden visit in Israel on March 2010.

Givat Hamtos A – 2,610 units – the local planning committee will grant a final approval for one of the most dangerous plans for the two states solution – the construction in Givat Hamatos. If built, the plan will complete the isolation of East Jerusalem from the Southern parts of the West Bank, and specifically isolate the Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Zafafa.

Givat Hamatos B (549 units) and C (813 units) – the Regional Committee should approve today (18.12.12) another two plans in Givat Hamatos.

Gilo South – 1,242 units – on Thursday 19.12.12 another plan for 942 units with a potential addition of another 300 units, will be approved at the Regional Committee.
All of the plans are at the phase of hearing the objection, where the planning committee can make amendments and grant the final approval for the plan.

Construction may start a few months to a year later, after all the beuorocracy is completed for the validation of the plan, and tenders are issued and winning bids are elected.

And in two weeks, on January 7th, the Regional committee will hear the objections of plan Givat Hamatos D, for 1,100 hotel rooms.

Givat Hamatos ABC Eng