We Deserve More

What do we deserve?

  • We deserve tranquility and security,
  • We deserve to welcome our soldiers healthy and well when they come back home after their service,
  • We deserve to be more popular around the world,
  • We deserve to not live under constant threat,
  • We deserve to have a more lively airport,
  • We deserve peace.

שלט אובאמה

After years of relative quietness and a good lifestyle, the illusion disappears, you can not just “manage the conflict”, to cease and to undermine the political initiative, ignore the world and hope for the best. Today it is clear more than ever – just a full peace agreement with the Palestinians, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, backed by international arena, just as Israel has with Egypt and Jordan, will ensure the realization of the Zionist dream a better future for all citizens of Israel! We all love this country and hate the situation all as it is now, we deserve a better future and we must not give up!