Final Evacuation of the Illegal Outpost of Migron

9 years after our petition was submitted, the evacuation of the illegal outpost of Migron was finalized. When we hit the road it seemed impossible, the illegal outpost phenomenon had become a part of the landscape of the West Bank and more and more illegal outposts were built on every hilltop in order to prevent the possibility of ever arriving at a two state solution. Peace Now, together with a legal team headed by Michael Sfard and Shlomi Zachary, decided not to give in. The facts were clear – Migron was an illegal outpost built on private Palestinian land, but the government didn’t want to deal with it and the settlers put pressure on it against the evacuation. After a verdict in favor of Peace Now and the Palestinian landowners in 2011, the evacuation was postponed time and again, as the state and the settlers of Migron came up with different excuses. At one point the settlers claimed to have purchased the land while in fact they shamelessly forged documents and signatures of landowners, some of them deceased, for this purpose. All lines were crossed in the struggle over Migron as the methods used by the settlers, including forgeries and land theft, were absolutely criminal. Following a demand for an investigation on this matter, the police arrested 3 individuals for the forgery, but behind the forgeries stand many other individuals including leaders of the settler movement. In 2015 the last mobile homes were finally evacuated from Migron. Today there is hardly any construction on Private Palestinian land in the West Bank.