The Trick of Netanyahu – Establishing new settlements and Deceiving the public

The spokesperson of the Israeli Government just published a short press release, of 22 words in Hebrew: “The Ministerial Team that was nominated by the Government, decided to legalize the settlement points of Sansana, Rechelim and Bruchin, which were established during the 90’s based on previous governments decisions”.

This Ministerial Team of four ministers was a trick set by the Israeli Government to deceive the Israeli public. According to the law, in order to establish new settlements, the plenary of the government must make an official government resolution. In order to avoid this declaration, the government “nominated” the four ministers on Sunday to make the resolution in the name of the government. The Israeli public, and the press, that were ready for the dramatic declaration at the Sunday cabinet meeting, could not find the decision at the protocol. Instead, the government nominated four ministers to “further discuss the issue”. Now, with this short announcement (at the eve of the Memorial Day when the media is not free to deal with any other issue), we are informed that the ministerial team was a trick, meant to avoid public criticism.

Peace Now: “The Netanyahu government is trying to deceive the public and hide its true policy. However, Netanyahu’s tricks cannot hide the fact that in stead of going to peace the government is announcing the establishment of three new settlements, for the first time since 1990. This announcement is against the Israeli interest of achieving peace and a two states solution”

For more details on the establishment of the three settlements, see here.