The Settlements Boom of the First 8 Months of Netanyahu’s Government

Peace Now Israel and Americans for Peace Now released a new report looking at the first 8 months of the Netanyahu government and its record regarding settlements. The key findings are summarized below, followed by a detailed examination of the data.

The full report, including all the data in table form, can be viewed/downloaded here.


Key findings:

During these first 8 months of the new Netanyahu government, there has been a non-stop settlements construction and approval boom.

  • The most recent evidence of this came with the latest round of Palestinian prisoners released by Israel, which was accompanied by the publication of tenders for 2,258 new units in settlements, and the promotion of plans for 2,487 new units in settlements.
  • These tenders and approvals were just the latest symptoms of the longstanding trend. Overall, since the establishment of the current government on March 18th, 2013, tenders have been published for 3,472 new units in settlements, and plans have been promoted for no fewer than 8,943 new settlement units.
  • These facts once again raise the very serious question about the motivations and intentions of Prime Minister Netanyahu with respect to peace, negotiations, and the two-state solution.

Read the full report online here

or download the report including the detailed data and tables here