The Planning Committee is to approve 1071 units in settlements

The Settlement Subcommittee of the Higher Planning Council of the Civil Administration (the body in charge of approving plans for settlements) will convene tomorrow to discuss and probably approve the promotion of plans for 1,071 units in settlements.

On the agenda of the subcommittee for Wednesday 17/7/13, there are five plans to be approved for depositing and another plan to get the final approval for validation:

Plans to be approved for depositing:

1. Plan no. 317/2 for the construction of 234 units in Galgal (at the Jordan Valley).

2. Plan no. 242/1/3 for the construction of 38 units in Kochav Yaacov (East of Ramallah)

3. Plan no. 604/4 for the construction of 31 units in Almog (the Jordan Valley)

4. Plan no. 227/10/3 for the construction of 19 units in Kfar Adumim (at Nofei Prat neighborhood)

5. Plan no. 205/14 for the construction of 17 units in Shilo (North of Ramallah).

In addition, the subcommittee is supposed to approve for validation plan no. 210/6/3 in Modi’in Illit for the construction of 732 units.