The Government Issues Tenders for 450 units in the Settlements

The Government issued this morning tenders for 450 units in West Bank settlements, half of them east of the route of the separation barrier.

  • Kiryat Arba – 102 units
  • Adam (Geva Binyamin) – 114 units (in the neighborhood “Migrons East” that was proposed as an alternative for the Migron settlers who eventually established another settlement).
  • Elkana – 156 units
  • Alfei Menashe – 78 units
  • Another tender was for a hotel in Maale Adumim, and another few tenders were for trade and offices in the settlement of Immanuel and in Maale Adumim.

In addition, a plan for the construction of 93 housing units in southern Gilo was deposited for public review in East Jerusalem.

Most of the units were proposed in bids in the past but were never sold for contractors. The government is now trying again to sell those units and promote their construction.

Peace Now: “It is a pre-election grab to establish facts on the ground made by the Netanyahu Government. After embarrassing the Obama administration with the invitation to the congress, Netanyahu adds another slam in the face of the Americans, and showing no respect to Israel’s closest ally.”