The E1 Plan – Information and Planning Status

The area of E-1 comes time and again to the international and public attention due to its crucial political implications. Geographically, E-1 nests between East Jerusalem and Ma’ale Adumim. Building in E-1 will affect the future of the Palestinian state by creating an Israeli presence that will split the West Bank into North and South. In addition, it will also prevent Palestinian Neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, and what might become the future Palestinian capital, from development. Thus, the construction in E1 might prevent the possibility of a Two States Solution, See more here.

E1 Map

The plans at E-1 are for 3,910 housing units, 2,152 hotel rooms, an industrial area and a police station. Of these, the police station is already built and the plan for the Industrial area is the only plan valid (yet it still needs a Minister of Defense approval for marketing before implementation). Furthermore, all the housing units are in plans that have not been approved yet.  The Minister of Defense will need to approve the planning process to be promoted and concluded, and then, after the plans are deposited for public review, objections to the plans are heard and the planning committee gives the final approval, still the Minister will need to approve the planned units for marketing, and then tenders can be issued and construction may begin.

In addition, on November 15th, 2011 a plan for a National Park in East Jerusalem was deposited for public review. The planned park at the Eastern slopes of Mt. Scopus is meant to create a corridor of Israeli presence from East Jerusalem towards E-1. For further details about this recent development see here.

Details on the E-1 plans:

The current plans that are approved and valid and can start to be built as soon as there is a government approval for marketing of the land (by the Minister of Defense):
1. Plan 420/4/1 – for a water pool (storage of water):  11 dunams
2. Plan 420/4/2 – for industrial zone: 1,340 dunams
3. Plan 420/4/9 – for a Police Station and the roads to it (was already built): 191 dunams

Plans that are still not valid and need to be deposited for public review and then approved by the planning committee. Without the approvals (and the additional approval for marketing of the land from the Minister of Defense) construction cannot take place.
4. Plan 420/4/3 – for 260 housing units and another 2,152 hotel rooms: 1,923 dunams
5. Plan 420/4/7 – for 1,250 housing units: 935 dunams
6. Plan 420/4/10 – for 2,176 housing units: 1,250 dunams

All of these plans are integrated within Master Plan no. 420/4, which is approved and valid. However construction cannot begin without the approval of the above detailed plans.

-E1 plans small