Our Reaction to The State’s Response on The Settler’s Petition to Uproot Khan Al-Ahmar

The State submitted its response to the High Court on the settlers’ petition for the evacuation of the bedouin community of Khan al-Ahmar. This is our take on it:

While the government argues that the residents of Khan al-Ahmar will received alternative housing, they will in fact be evacuated against their will for the benefit of settlers, and placed above the garbage dump in Abu Dis. This type of forceful evacuation of protected persons constitutes a severe violation of international humanitarian law.

It appears that the forceful displacement of the residents of Khan al-Ahmar is a form of “compensation” for his right wing supporters for the upcoming evacuation of the Illegal outpost of Derech Ha’Avot, following a High Court ruling.

It is shameful that settlers from Kfar Adumim, who received their lands for free from the government, are fighting for the evacuation of their Palestinian neighbors, who resided in the area long before them.