Ramat Gilad – Agreement with the Settlers and Works Continue

The state has come to a private agreement with the settlers over the illegal outpost of Ramat Gilad. The agreement is that the settlers will move some parts of the outpost, only those structures built on private land, while leaving in place those built on what is considered state land.

In addition the state will allow the settlers to explicitly continue to use parts of the private land “as long as it cannot prove the rights of a third party in relation to immovable property”, despite the proof of ownership was submitted years ago.

Our on the ground research shows that works to prepare another area on the ground at Ramat Gilad has begun, but in another area of ​​private land! The owner of the land (Palestinian) also saw this movement and filed a complaint with the police.

Attached are pictures taken by the landowner and a map with explanations.

ramar gilad medium_IMG_6930ramat gilad medium_GroundWorks040112HebPic