Peace Now’s FB Page “So Sue Me – I Boycott Products of the Settlements” Ranked 5th most important Israeli Protest Page

The popular Israeli internet site – “Horim B’reshet” made a survey of the most popular Israeli protest Facebook pages + Peace Now’s page is ranked 5th out of 30!

Against the background of growing social unrest in recent weeks, Elad Amir from SpyNet researched the most active pages on Facebook for the site.

The results showed veteran protests fitted alongside more recent protests, consumer issues along with political, environmental protection with social issues.

Pages with the largest number of  ”Likes” are not necessarily the most active. Therefore the ranking system included those pages with the posts that stimulate the most reactions, comments and shares.

The Page for Gilad Shalit heads the list, while in fifth place is PEACE NOW’s page – “So Sue Me – I’m Boycotting Products of the Settlements”.

See link here (Hebrew).