Peace Now Protest to Lottery on Support of Settlements

Below the letter that is making waves in the news, written from Peace Now to the lottery directors on the issue of funding settlement activities.

Dear Sir,

A few days ago, I came across an ad inviting the public to take part in an event called “olim lehomesh” (coming to Homesh)” which will take part in Passovers” Hol Hamoed.

To my amazement, I noticed the “Mifal Hapayis” (Israel’s national lottery) Logo on the poster, listed as one of the events official sponsors.

As I’m sure you know, the coming to Homesh event is a clearly political and highly controversial event, which many right wing organization take part in.

I have no doubt that Mifal Hapayis’ participating in and / or funding of such an event does not comply with its purpose- Mifal Hapayis’ was established to benefit national interests and serve the public, regardless of its political denomination.

This is certainly an abnormal incident, in which Mifal Hapayis is actively participating in a right wing demonstration which hopes to encourage the public to support the settlements in general and Homesh specifically.

The right wing did win the last political election in Israel. They did not however, win the lottery. This important organization must not be enslaved to political needs. Mifal Hapayis must remain an objective, impartial organization, and should abstain from funding or supporting such blatantly political events as the Coming to Homesh event.

In light of this, I hereby ask you to act and prevent any direct or indirect funding by your organization to this event, and act towards removing Mifal Hapayis’ logo from the posters advertising this event. I hope that Mifal Hapayis will continue to be an organization which benefits the entire Israeli public, and not become a funding branch for protests and rallys from either side of the political spectrum.

Happy Passover,

Yariv Oppenheimer;

Director General, Peace Now