Peace Now Poster Mocks Migron Deal

This week the Knesset approved the economic sector budget cuts and minutes after the vote, the Finance Committee met and transferred millions of dollars to the Migron illegal outpost.

The Israeli government is investing millions in two new sites for Migron settlers, who retracted their consent to be evacuated and appealed the courts to stay in Migron
Breakdown of expenditure at both sites so far (Adam and Hill Winery):

Adam – settlement planning 318,528
Temporary site design 4720000
Hill Winery – Implementation of infrastructure projects 7000000
Building infrastructure – at Adam 28500000
Additional infrastructure at Adam – 4,000,000
Power system planning at Hill Winery 36364
Reports on consulting basis 60,552
Landscape Planning at the winery 115 813
34,784 Winery view planning
Water and sewer planning Winery 72272
136,803 Adam- planning roads
284,427 Adam – planning roads
Completional work at Hill Winery 7.59 million
Finance committee misc: 8.3 million
The Finance Committee again yield to pressure and the price we all pay!

The poster reads:

Meet the New Millionaires!
There are Israelis who are not waiting for a phone call from Erella (lottery rep)
On one hand the government approves harsh economic measures, and with the other hand promises millions of shekels more to the settlements!
The government is currently constructing two alternative sites for Migron settlers and has so far spent at least 75 million NIS.
That’s about 1.5 million shekels for each family.
So the Israeli government is investing huge sums of money for the settler who builds illegally.