Peace Now Launches Boycott Settlement Campaign

As a response the Anti-Boycott Law on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 – Peace Now launched its “Boycott the Settlements Campaign”.  Outside the Tel Aviv courthouse, we invited Israelis to join us and publicly sign the petition urging people not to buy products from the settlements- highlighting specific  products from the settlement like Psgot wines and Tekoa mushrooms.

To sign the petition in Hebrew – click here.

As soon as the boycott law was passed, Peace Now also set up a Facebook Page under the headline “Prosecute Me! I Boycotts the Settlements” and within 2 days over 6000 people have joined it – see it here.

See below the posters of the campaign – reminding people that when they buy products from the settlements  they are sponsoring illegal outposts and harm Israelis within the Green Line.

See Press reports and videos here – JPOT, The World.

small poster_when_u_buy-5Small poster_when_u_buy-1small poster_when_u_buy-2boycott