Peace Now Condemns New Plans in East Jerusalem

The city of Jerusalem began works two weeks ago on a road that will connect the capital’s northeastern neighborhoods to Jerusalem’s main traffic artery, Menachem Begin Boulevard, as part of a policy to strengthen bonds between neighborhoods across the Green Line and the rest of the city.

The neighborhoods to be connected by the new route are Pisgat Ze’ev, Neve Yaakov, Anatot, Shoafat, and Beit Hanina; the route 20 project will also link Jerusalem’s northern neighborhoods with route 443, which in some places crosses through the West Bank.

Peace Now: “The road’s current route isn’t legal, since the plan designates occupied territory for permanent infrastructures for Israel, while completely disregarding the needs of the Palestinian residents in Beit Hanina and the area. The construction of such an infrastructure is in conflict with Israel’s interest in reaching an agreement with the Palestinians and endangers the two-state solution.”