Parliamentary Interns meet with Yariv Oppenheimer of Peace Now


In cooperation with Canadian Friends of Peace Now, the Centre’s parliamentary interns sat down for breakfast with Yariv Oppenheimer, Director General of Peace Now in Israel. Mr. Oppenheimer, who guides the political policy and direction of Peace Now, engaged the group in a fascinating discussion of current issues including Israeli civil society, the peace process, settlements, and the Palestinians.


The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs Parliamentary Internship Program is an annual competition for university graduates who have an interest in governmental affairs. The program provides Members of Parliament with highly qualified assistants, and gives university graduates an opportunity to supplement their theoretical knowledge of Parliament with practical experience of the day-to-day work of the Members. In the longer term, graduates of the program are better able to make a significant contribution to Canadian public life. Intern responsibilities include working with Members of the House of Commons in a variety of areas, including parliamentary committees, correspondence, and constituency duties.

For more information, please contact Noah Shack: nshack@cija.ca.