New Tenders Issued – The Government Denies

Confused about the new tenders in the settlements?
Just as some kind of talks are started in Jordan between Israel and the Palestinians, new tenders for 312 units in East Jerusalem and for another 356 units in the West Bank are published. However the Israeli Government strongly denies, arguing that these tenders are not new.

This confusion is not accidental. It is not the first time Israeli officials react like this after publishing new tenders.In the last two years the Ministry of Housing started to publish lists of upcoming tenders that are planned to be issued in the near future. Those lists are not the official issuing of tenders. Contractors cannot propose their bids according to those lists. Only when a tender is officially published in ads in the newspapers and on the website of the Israel Land Administration or of the Ministry of Housing can one propose a bid.

This way the Government can easily confuse us: when the list is published they may argue that “those tenders are not yet officially issued”, and when there is an official publication of a tender they can claim: “it is not new; we published it already in the past…”

Indeed, on December 18th, the Ministry of Housing published a statement with a list of upcoming tenders, including 1,028 units in settlements in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. In November the Ministry published a list which included another 2,230 units beyond the Green Line. Nonetheless, these were not the official publications. The tenders are issued one by one when they are ready, without an official timeline.

Until now, we have seen the official issuing of tenders for 673 units in West Bank settlements and another 312 units in East Jerusalem. Following is the list of tenders that were really, truly and officially issued by the Government in recent weeks: 

Date                      Tender No.         Settlement                         Units    

08/12/2011         YS/363/2011       Efrat (Givat Hadagan)     30

08/12/2011         YS/290/2011       Efrat (Givat Hadagan)     10

08/12/2011         YS/327/2011       Ariel                                     277

22/12/2011         YS/361/2011       Ma’ale Adumim                 Trade / Offices

28/12/2011         YS/391/2011       Har Adar                              2

28/12/2011         YS/392/2011       Har Adar                              5

29/12/2011         YS/356/2011       Efrat (Givat Hazayit)          24

29/12/2011         10017/2011        Efrat (Givat Hazayit)          213

29/12/2011         YS/399/2011       Ma’ale Adumim                 40

30/12/2011         YS/397/2011       Har Adar                             72

28/12/2011         JM/341/2011       Pisgat Zeev                        47    Republication of tenders that weren’t sold

28/12/2011         JM/342/2011       Har Homa B                      117

28/12/2011         JM/343/2011       Har Homa B                      130  Retirement home, Republication of tenders that weren’t sold

28/12/2011         10016/2011         Pisgat Zeev                       18

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