New Old Tenders in East Jerusalem

Three new tenders were issued yesterday for 171 units, all of them were published already in the past but there were no bids. This way, the Government may say that there is nothing new about them (although these are actually new tenders). On the other hand, this shows that the expansion of settlements in East Jerusalem is not because of “natural growth”, but due to ideological interests.

1. Tender No. YM/131/2012 – 130 units in Har Homa B, for protected accommodation of elderly. First issued at 7/8/2008, and lastly on 28/12/2011.

2. Tender No. YM/130/2012 – 23 units in Pisgat Ze’ev. First issued on 2008 and lastly on 28/12/2011.

3. Tender No. YM/145/2012 – 18 units in Pisgat Ze’ev. First issued on 2003(!), then many times till lastly on 28/12/2011.