New Boycott Law

Israel is being swept up in a consumer boycott on dairy products and other food products due to their spiraling costs. Just as this civil action is welcomed and legitimate, the Knesset is promoting a law to ban such consumer boycotts of products – but only of those made in the Settlements.

Without considering the issues behind such a boycott, moves to ban consumer boycotts is a draconian move that tramples over the basic democratic right of freedom of expression in a non-violent protest, and is damaging the values of the  Israeli democracy.

The bill includes sections that impose sanctions against organizations and foundations that call for boycotts of products made in the settlements.

Moreover, approval of the Knesset law will put the Israeli High Court in a difficult legal situation; the judges will have to cancel a law enacted by the Knesset, in order to preserve the foundations of democracy and the principle of freedom of expression.

Attached is the translation of the full law.