Migron Outpost Petition Update: The Government Seeks Another Delay

At the Supreme Court hearing held on Tuesday, July 26, 2011, the government requested additional time to evacuate the Migron Outpost.

In July 2009, the State asked the court for an extension of two years, for time to construct a new neighborhood in the Adam settlement, so to be able to resettle the residents of the Migron Outpost after their evacuation.

At the current hearing, the state requested a further delay – as they claim that so far it has taken six months to prepare a detailed design of neighborhood infrastructure; then it took another month to evaluate the land price, and now they need an additional three months to sign agreements with settlers from Migron to purchase the land.

After signing the contracts, an additional 6 months is needed for infrastructure design (where residents can obtain building permits) and only then, (after 16 months) can they start building the new houses.

However, the State noted in its statement that the residents of Migron themselves have never agreed to the new neighborhood, and if it turns out they refuse to purchase the land – then the state plans to evacuate them from Migron anyway.

The state also announced that it intends to give the land to the settlers without a tender.

Regarding the three new permanent structures built in Migron in recent months, the state has undertaken to destroy them by September 2011. However it is important to note that two months ago the govt committed to destroy the structures within 45 days, but did not fulfill it.

The Judges will announce their decision later.

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