Jurists Publish Letter Against Migron Deal

The day before the final Migron hearing at the Supreme Court – Peace Now organizes well respected Israeli jurists to publish an open letter decrying the compromise as a blatant desecration of Israel’s precious democracy and rule of law.

Jurists against Migron Compromise

Tomorrow the Israeli government will ask the supreme court to accept their compromise with the Migron settelers. By doing so, The supreme court will alter a previous conclusive verdict given by a different  supreme court panel headed by former president Dorit Beinisch, that determined  the illegal outpost is to be evacuated by march 31st 2012.

A. The Migron compromise is a dangerous precedent that will severly damage the supreme courts status and verdicts. The government is seeking to avoid executing the verdict and to alter it in accordance to its political needs.

B. Accepting the compromise will allow the Migrom settelers to continue inhabiting  private Palestinian land for an even longer period of time, and will seriously harm the principal of equality of the law.

C. If the Migron compromise is accepted, it will undermine the foundations of our legal system, allow for state approved theft, and will undermine the the publics’ faith in the supreme court.


Former attorney general of Israel Michael Ben Yair

Dr. yishai Blank

Prof. Eyal Benvenisti

Prof. Gad Barzilai

Prof. Haim Gans

Prof. Eyal Gross

Dr.Daphna Hacker

Prof.Alon Harel

Dr.Guy Harpaz

Prof.Ali Salzberg

Dr.Shlomo cohen

Dr.Yuval Merin

Dr.Ilan saban

Dr.Amir Paz-Fuchs

Prof.Uriel Procaccia

Dr.Alexandre (Sandy) Kedar

Prof. Roi Kreitner

Prof. frances Raday

Former Minister Prof.Amnon Rubinstein

Former JudgeSaviona Rotlevi

Dr.Noya Rimalt

Adv.Tzali Reshef

Adv.Talia Sasson

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