It’s Time: Thousands in TLV Called for Ending the War, for Making a Deal for Our Hostages, and for Peace – Now

6,000 people gathered yesterday night in Tel Aviv for the largest conference since October 7th, calling to end the war on Gaza, to return the hostages, to end the occupation, and to promote a political solution for Israelis and Palestinians.

“Peace will only come when Israelis and Palestinians affirm that even if we have the power to do so, we no longer want the other side to disappear,” said Yuval Noah Harari. This sentiment was echoed by many, as people of all ages, backgrounds, and faiths came together, saying, “It’s time – The time for peace is now.”

It’s time.


Now, amidst our anger, grief, and pain, after long years of fear and violence, of struggle, of occupation, and of terrorism. The war that broke out on October 7th must be the last war, and it can be: the war after which will come peace.

Many movements, among them Peace Now, organizations, and activists, were part of the event. This powerful gathering demonstrated that there are people here who are calling for an end to the war, an end to the occupation, and an end to the conflict.

The participants at the gathering included a diverse array of influential voices and leaders committed to peace. Among them were renowned figures like Prof. Yuval Noah Harari, along with peace activist Maoz Inon, and musicians like Shaanan Street, Yael Deckelbaum, and Lian Khawila. The event also welcomed political figures from the peace camp, such as MK Naama Lazimi and MK Gilad Kariv, diplomats advocating for dialogue, bereaved families, families of hostages, intellectuals, and respected religious leaders.

The speakers and attendees shared a vision where Israelis and Palestinians can live with security, equality, and peace.

Together, we are mobilizing for the day after the war: calling for a deal for our hostages, and for a political resolution to the conflict that ensures the rights of both peoples to self-determination, security, safety, dignity, and freedom.

Peace – Now!