Israel’s Attorney General Orders a Criminal Investigation into Construction in Shilo

At a time when the Israeli government is negotiating with the settlers of Migron to find a way to violate the court’s decision for its evacuation, the Attorney General has made a decision regarding the settlement of Shilo.
The police will now hold a criminal investigation into the actions that led to the unauthorized building in Shiloh, which the civil administration is in the process of legalizing. – which only reminds us that construction in outposts and settlements is largely illegal workers and done in a criminal method repeated over and over again.

Hagit Ofran of Peace Now said she recalled only one similar investigation, which was against Amanah, the building arm of the settlement movement. It was dropped for lack of evidence, she said.

“I hope that this time it will be proven that criminal activity occurred in the West Bank with respect to building – Such a judgment could prevent this illegal activity in the future”.

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