Israeli Left Convention – Survey Results

To help gauge some understanding of the positions held by people who make up the Israeli Peace Camp, all the convention registrants were asked to answer the following survey questions.

Survey Results:

1. Would you be willing to participate in a demonstration/rally/protest which was in cooperation with organizations that do not represent your views:
I Would- 59%
I Would Not – 14.5%
Do not know – 26.5%


2. Is the best way for the “Israel Left” to influence the public through creating a defined separate position, or to move more to the center so as to appeal to the consensus?
Defining and separation – 37.8%
Outreaching to the consensus – 39%
Do not know – 23.2%


3. In recent years, have the positions of the “Israeli Left” become more marginalized or more centralized?
Marginalized – 19%
Centralized – 57.3%
Do not know – 23.7%


4. Do you think that revolutions in the Arab world are reinforcing or weakening the Left?
Reinforcing – 46%
Weaken – 16%
Do not know – 38%


5. Do you think it is necessary to establish a new political framework, or necessary to work within the existing political framework?
New Frameworks – 53.7%
Existing frameworks – 30.5%
Do not know – 15.8%