Housing Crisis – What Benefits do the Settlers Get?

Demanding a Change in Govt Priorities!
 The social and economic crisis taking place today in Israel, including the housing shortage, is not a result of a divine decree but a direct result of deliberate government policy, and a matter of priorities.

For years the Israeli governments has chosen settlements over Israel proper, encouraging the investment of valuable resources in the territories, forcing in effect thousands to find a solution to the housing shortage on the wrong side of the Green Line.

This is a cynical exploitation of the housing shortage in Israel, instead of providing real and concrete solutions.
The government could have invested these funds in education, social services, housing, infrastructure, wages and conditions of doctors and interns, social workers, improving public transit.

But the priorities of the Government of Israel are different – the settlements are in first place  – at the expense of the majority society.

“The facts are clear and irrefutable: investing our best resources there, in the West Bank, has left no resources for here (center, north, south and in the periphery of Israel proper)”. Ben Caspit – Ma’ariv, 07.18.11.

Peace Now calls for an immediate change of government priorities!

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Peace Now activists are joining the “tent city protestors” and are distributing throughout the country info on the housing benefits and subsidies that are given to the settlers, while the average citizen suffers.

bibi bayit

The poster here reads:

Are your mortgage payments killing you?

Can’t afford to buy an apartment?

Then go to the settlements!

Netanyahu calls upon you to move the West Bank!

As only there can you get….

100,000 NIS assistance to pay your mortgage

50% reduction on development costs

70% reduction on land prices

Join the battle for the people  – Peace Now

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