Following Peace Now’s Petition: Migron is to be Evicted by September 4

The Israeli High Court of Justice ruled today that the entire outpost of Migron should be evicted by next Tuesday, September 4th, dismissing the settlers’ appeal to postpone the eviction.

Peace Now: “The Supreme Court decision is a victory to the Rule of Law over the systematic methods of building illegal outposts in the occupied territories. The decision turns Migron from a symbol of defiance and anarchy to a symbol of safeguarding the Israeli democracy. The ruling should be a light path to the Israeli society, proving that the settlers are not above the law. Peace Now views the ruling as a significant achievement to all those who believe in the Two-Stat-Solution and in democracy”.

Migron, the biggest unauthorized outpost in the West Bank which is built entirely on Palestinian private land has been under legal procedures since 2006, when Peace Now and Palestinian owners of the land petitioned to the Supreme Court. Migron consists of 50 families living in mobile homes that were all built illegally and having been issued demolition orders by the Israeli authorities since their establishment.

According to the court decision, by Tuesday the 4th of September, all the settlers are to be evacuated. The eviction of the structures should take place by Tuesday, the 11th of September, one week later.

The court accepted the State’s request to allow the remaining of a few structures (not the settlers) that were built on one of the parcels for another 90 days, so that the police may complete its investigation on the legality of the purchase of the land claimed by the settlers. Meanwhile the State would examine the possibility to allow the establishment of a farm or a tourist site for the settlers, in case the purchase is approved.