Final Approval for 90 Units in Beit El

Yesterday (11/2/13), 90 new housing units received final approval to be built in the West Bank settlement Beit El (near Ramallah). Plan # 219-13 was published for validation, which is the final stage in the approval process. Theoretically, within a few weeks, settlers may begin construction. In this specific project, no tender is required and thus construction may begin as soon as desired.

Governmental approval for the plan was granted in August 2012 as part of the compensation deal for Ulpana. The bureaucratic process was completed by the Higher Planning Council of the Civil Administration providing the final validation to the plan. The government could have put the plan on hold but has chosen to not use restraint and allowed for the plan to be validated.

Peace Now: The government made the conscious decision to approve this plan, although it could have waited until the coalition has been built. We believe that Netanyahu has taken advantage of the timing in order to add more concrete facts on the ground.