Construction in East Jerusalem to Coincide with Netanyahu’s Visit to the US?

At the same time that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is on his way to the United States, the Regional Planning Commission is holding a hearing for objections to the project “Har Homa C” (planning to build 983 housing units) and for the projecy “Pisgat Zeev North” (planning to build 625 units in East Jerusalem).

For details and a map of the Har Homa plan C – click here.
For details and map for the “Pisgat Zeev North” project – click here.

The timing is not coincidental. These plans were deposited immediately after the settlement moratorium came to an end, and were supposed to be discussed on-5.5.11, while Netanyahu was visiting Europe, but the hearing was postponed to -19.5.11. Netanyahu is fully aware of the new date (possibly even planning for it to coincide with his US visit).

Peace Now General Director Yariv Oppenheimer said in response: “The prime minister is sacrificing relations with the US for the benefit of his loyalty to settlers and rightists in Jerusalem. This is not just poor timing, but a poor policy which endangers Israel’s status in the world”.