Boycott Law Passes Knesset – Now Govt Establishes New Factories in Settlements

Documents released this week by the Israel Lands Administration shows two tenders for the establishment of six new factories in the Mishur Adumim Industrial Park near Ma’ale Adumim.

A tender to build five factories in the Mishur Adumim Industrial Park, was published in the past by the Olmert government in September 2008, but no entrepreneurs took up the offers and the tenders failed.

Now the government wants to try again to sell the lots and build new factories in the Industrial Park.

The government promotes enterprises in the settlements, as is also reflected in the state budget which compensates business for the loss of tax reductions from the EU, who do not recognize goods from the settlements in its free trade agreement with Israel.

In 2011 the allocated budget cost in 11.165 million ₪, and in 2012 – 10.83 million ₪.

Peace Now: “The government refuses to understand what we, the entrepreneurs and business world already knows, there is no future in economic enterprises in the settlements, indeed it is the settlements that cause economic damage to Israel.

The new Boycott Law testifies to the failure of factories in the settlements, they need a special, anti – democratic law to protect them against a boycott of their products.

The government chooses to continue to try to expand the settlements, yet continued settlement development only leads to more boycotts of Israel and Israel’s isolation in the world and destroying chances for peace.”