Ari Shavit, you’ve fallen into the trap of “extremists on both sides”- opinion

Yariv Oppenheimer, Peace Now’s General Director, writes against the efforts to create a symmetry between right-wing extremists and peace and human rights organizations today in Haaretz:

“It is impossible to repent for a sin that never occurred, and to be outraged against a situation that does not exist. So far, no underground cell has been discovered in the Israeli left wing that has planned to harm right wingers, soldiers or settlers; so far not a single left winger has been suspected of setting a synagogue on fire or lynching settlers they found on the street.
The Israeli left, in all its shades, has remained law abiding, responsible and in particular ethical. It is no coincidence that the violence and damage to human lives always comes from the right. Violence, endangering lives, and harming others are not among the values that guide the peace camp.”

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