New 2018 Population Data for Israelis in the West Bank

The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics released last week the latest population data for the end of 2018 – early 2019. The data shows that:

The number of settlers is 427,800, and constitute only 4.77% of the Israeli population.

While the population growth rate in Israel in 2018 was 1.9%, in the settlements, the growth rate was almost double: 3.5%.

In 2018, the number of settlers increased by 14,400. 8,050 of them (56%) moved or were born in settlements that Israel would probably need to evacuate under a two-state peace agreement (according to the Geneva Initiative proposed border).

About 3 million people live in the West Bank, 14% of them settlers – According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, 2,636,244 Palestinians live in the West Bank (and another 284,926 in East Jerusalem). The total number of residents in the West Bank, Palestinians and settlers (excluding East Jerusalem) is 3,064,044.

Peace Now: Thousands of new settlers have been added to the settlements this year with almost no attention or public discussion, even though this is a trend that could doom Israel’s fate to an ongoing conflict and an apartheid reality. Particularly worrying is that most of the settlers were added to the settlements that Israel would probably have to evacuate in order to reach a peace agreement. In order to save its existence, Israel would eventually have to end the occupation, yet any house built in the settlements is making evacuation more difficult and painful.

More then 3 Million people live in the West Bank, 86% of them are Palestinians.