Peace Now is Wikileaked!

Wikileaks has released a new document – a classified US Cable – that shows Peace Now officials providing information about settlement activity to the U.S. government and to the Israeli Defense Ministry.

The Wikileaks cable shows just why Peace Now’s work on settlements is so important: Peace Now uncovers what is going on in the settlements, information that the settlers would prefer remain hidden from public scrutiny or government oversight. And Peace Now brings this knowledge to the Israeli public, to reporters, and to government officials — both Israeli and American.

Both the U.S. State Department and the Israeli Defense Ministry seek information about settlement activity from Peace Now.

Peace Now: As Wikileaks reported everything we release to our international sources we have released first in Hebrew to the Israeli media and the Israeli public. We are proud to be part of a lively democracy where we are able to expose illegal and anti-democratic actions taking part in the West Bank in a free and independent manner. We also are the voice for thousands and thousands of Israelis who oppose Netanyahu and Lieberman and want the world hear the views of the Israeli peace supporters.

Press here to read the article in Haaretz.