Over 1000 People at Peace Now’s Conference: There is a Solution: A Political Vision for the Day After the War

Last Friday, December 22nd, marked a crucial event as Peace Now hosted a much-needed conference to discuss the aftermath of the war and the essential solutions for a peaceful future for both Israelis and Palestinians. The substantial support and participation made it a momentous occasion, with over 1000 attendees, signifying a critical event for the Israeli left and our Peace Camp.

Following the tragic events of October 7th and two and a half months of the Gaza War, the conference served as a beacon of hope and resilience. It demonstrated that many Israelis believe that only a political horizon based on the two-state solution will provide the necessary security and peace for the people, fostering a brighter future for Israelis and Palestinians. The significant crowd and the great interest in the event reaffirm that the Peace Camp is back in the fight for the country and its people.

Throughout the conference, a unified message echoed: Peace will prevail, and there is no other choice but a political horizon and a two-state solution. The discussions emphasized that this is the only path that will provide the peace and security needed and deserved by all.

It was heartening to witness some leaders from our camp—Ksenia Svetlova, Tomer Persico, Amjad Shbita, Stav Shaffir, Avi Dabush, and Yariv Oppenheimer—presenting unique perspectives and directions for collective actions.

The event, hosted by the talented Yossi Marshek, featured introductory remarks by the Israeli writer Dorit Rabinyan and MK Rabbi Gilad Kariv, who shared their visions for the day after the war.

The second part of the conference featured real and inspiring heroes, all directly affected by the October 7th massacre. They shared personal stories, thoughts, and feelings about the tragedy, the present, and crucially, their view of the day after. Speakers included Noam Dan, Mohammad Darawshe, Yaela Raanan, Gili Schwartz, and Maoz Inon.

Stay tuned for the English material, including translated speeches and video highlights, coming soon!

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