Our latest report on Settler Violence– in English

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The phenomenon of violent assaults by settlers against Palestinians and their
property has been on the rise in recent years. As reported last October by Ha’aretz
military correspondent Yaniv Kobovic, according to military officials, in 2020 and
the first half of 2021, the number of incidents was almost twice as high as in 2019.
Whereas in 2019, 363 such acts of violence and crime were documented, in 2020
the number soared to 507 and in the first half of 2021 it reached 416 ( nearly 2.5
incidents a day).
A map of the points of violence indicates a direct relationship between the erection
and expansion of illegal outposts and violent acts by settlers. Throughout the
years we have seen more and more serious attacks and the crossing of red lines
around specific outposts, as seen recently in the South Hebron Hills, when settlers
opened fire on Palestinians, injuring two of them, according to reports in Haaretz.
These outposts, partly populated by extremist settlers, are characterized by a
constant effort to expand, develop, and take over more and more land. To achieve
these goals they frequently use violence to intimidate the Palestinians and evict
them from their land. Meanwhile, the law enforcement system lacks the will to
deter or penalize such incidents and by conducting few and shallow investigations
and failing to prosecute the vast majority of assailants. In light of the aforesaid
behavior the situation will continue to deteriorate unless there is a significant
policy change.