After approving thousands of housing units in settlements and outposts, the government is now promoting the E1 plans – considered deadly for the future of a Palestinian State

The Subcommittee of Objections of the Higher Planning Council (HPC) of the Civil Administration is set to convene on March 27 to discuss the objections to the plans to establish a settlement of approximately 3,412 housing units in E1. The agenda for the hearing was published earlier today, just as the subcommittee for settlements completed its second and final meeting for the advancement of over 7,000 housing units in over 35 settlements and outposts. Last September, the Subcommittee of Objections was planned to meet to discuss the objections for the plans for E1, however, eventually decided to postpone the meeting. Today they have set a new date for the discussion.

The E1 plan cuts the West Bank in to two and thus a fatal blow the possibility of establishing a future Palestinian State. E1 creates a settlement corridor from East Jerusalem settlements to Ma’ale Adumim settlement and thus prevents Palestinian geographical and development continuity between Ramallah, East Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

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Peace Now: “The erosion of Israeli democracy is the government’s main agenda, and it does so not only by undermining the judicial system but also by destroying any chance for a political solution and peace. After approving the advancement of thousands of housing units in settlements and outposts, today the Israeli government has decided to advance the lethal E1 plan, whose sole purpose is to prevent a territorial continuum for a future Palestinian state. The Israeli government is also spitting on the face of the US, only a few days after announcing that they committed to them that there would be no advancement of settlements in the near future. This ‘annexation government’ seems to continue to act according to a systematic plan that drags us into an apartheid reality. Anyone who cares about Israel’s future must fight not only to prevent Israel from becoming a dictatorship but also to prevent it from becoming an apartheid dictatorship.”

The Subcommittee for settlements complete the advancement of over 7,000 housing units in settlements and outposts

Earlier today, and after two days of discussions, the subcommittee for settlements approved the advancement of 7,157 housing units through the approval of 43 building plans in 37 settlements and outposts (including one industrial zone). For comparison, in all of 2022, a total of 4,427 housing units were advanced through deposit and final approval, whereas in 2021, 3,645 housing units were advanced accordingly.

Among the plans promoted today, 5,257 housing units were advanced for deposit, and 1,900 housing units were advanced for validation (final approval). Four of the plans pertain to outposts, with three being advanced for validation (Mevo’ot Yericho, Nofei Nehemia, and Pnei Kedem) and one for deposit (Nativ Ha’avot). An additional plan for Zayit Ra’anan outpost was postponed for further discussion due to efforts by the current residents of the outpost.

For further information on the meaning of these plans and the approval of outposts authorization, please refer to the previous report by our Settlement Watch team here.

Final breakdown of plans approved by the subcommittee for settlement on 22-23.02.2023: