523 Tenders Issued by the Ministry of Housing Since the Beginning of the Year

Since the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Housing has published tenders for the construction of 523 units in eight settlements in the West Bank: Karnei Shomron, Geva Binyamin (Adam), Ma’ale Efraim, Kochav Ya’akov, Efrat, Ariel, Giv’at Zeev, and Kiryat Arba. All of them are settlements deep in the West Bank.

List of tenders:

82 units in Karnei Shomron (Tender 56/2024)

160 units in Kochav Ya’akov (Tender 55/2024)

60 units in Givat Binyamin (Tender 37/2024)

44 units in Ma’ale Efraim (Tender 41/2024)

51 units in two tenders in Ariel; 39 units (Tender 52/2024) and 12 units (Tender 51/2024)

1 unit in Kiryat Arba (61/2024)

12 units in Geva Binyamin (Adam) (Tender 49/2024)

48 units in Karnei Shomron (Tender 64/2024)

62 units in Efrat (Tender 47/2024)

3 units in Giva’t Zeev (Tender 50/2024)

In total: 523 units

Peace Now: “The rapid pace and widespread scope of tender publications indicate a clear policy aimed at promoting extensive construction in the West Bank. The Israeli government is capitalizing on the international focus on the Gaza Strip to further entrench Israeli control deep in Palestinian territory, hindering the possibility of a two-state solution.”