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What We Stand For

Peace Now is a movement of Israeli citizens that view peace, compromise, and appeasement with the Palestinians and with our Arab neighbors as crucial to the future of our country and to maintaining our security and the nature of the State of Israel.

Peace Now has determined that continuing the military and civilian control of the West Bank and of over three million Palestinians endangers the security and the democratic nature of Israel as the state of the Jewish people.

Peace Now is a Non-Governmental Organization

We Stand For:

  • Two states for two nations- Israel and Palestine
  • A Palestinian State alongside the State of Israel based on the borders of June, 1967 with land swaps agreed upon by both sides
  • Jerusalem- Two capitals for two states: A solution based on demographic breakdowns with a special agreement for the Old City
  • Peace with Syria- A peace agreement based on secure and recognized borders, and the regulation of relations between the two countries is the primary strategic issue for the people of Israel and Syria. Beginning negotiations with Syria is a gateway to negotiations with Lebanon and will help create a new international mood in the region.
  • NGO Funding Bills- Peace Now is leading the battle against these laws, which are designed to silence and neutralize Israeli civil society organizations identified with left-leaning liberal values. These bills are an alarming erosion of the fundamental nature of democracy in Israel.


Read more about the NGO funding bills here. 

Peace Now views the settlements as a threat to the existence of Israel as a democratic and Jewish State.

Peace Now views the settlements as a main obstacle to any future peace agreement.

Peace Now views the settlements as an element that harms the state on many fronts: security, nationally, economically, culturally, and morally. They also harm Israel's international standing


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Peace Now's Position on Labeling of Settlement Goods

Although Peace Now has never called publicly to label the settlement products (it is a question that each country should decide by itself), we think that it is a very important tool to distinguish between Israel, as legitimate and friendly country that we support, and the occupation - which we see as illegitimate.

Peace Now Position on Boycott of Settlement Goods

Peace Now strongly opposes BDS, however we do recognize the connection between purchasing settlement goods and supporting the mistaken Israeli settlement policy.