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Tell me who your friends are...


By Hagit Ofran, Peace Now's Settlement  Watch Project Director

The close relationship between the Jerusalem police and the settlers is proved again at the ceremony for new Jerusalem District Commander.  The newly appointed Jerusalem Police Commander Niso Shaham invited some old friends, among them settlers and extremists rabbis. A local Haredic website published some interesting pictures from the event in which Shaham was seen exchanging hugs, and posing for photographs with the East Jerusalem settler leadership, among them Yonatan Yossef, the head of the Sheikh Jarrah settlers gang, David Be’eri from Elad, Matti Dan from Ateret Cohanim, and others (cozy photographs can be seen here).

Who was not invited? The citizens of Silwan, Sheikh Jarrah and other East Jerusalem neighborhoods that are suffering daily from the pressure and violence of settlers’ guards in their midst. Like his predecessor, who was pictured hand in hand with the settlers’ leader on the roof of a house that used to be Palestinian till the settlers came, the new commander seems to see the Palestinians in East Jerusalem as his target rather then those who deserve his services.


Instead of encouraging the Palestinian citizens of Jerusalem to trust the police and rely on them in times of need, ceremonies such as these keep them excluded, confirming their fear that the Jerusalem police is actually the Settlers Police.

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Podczas gdy przemawia o Bo&#x017C;yszcz skrupulatnym s&#x0105;dem Artura "Ojca Mateusza" &#x017B;mijewskiego, nawet szkodliwi komuni&#x015B;ci zgaduj&#x0105; rygor. Kiedy przemawia o Bogu przenikliwym g&#x0142;osem Artura "Ojca Mateusza" &#x017B;mijewskiego, nawet z&#x0142;o&#x015B;liwi marksi&#x015B;ci gdybaj&#x0105; subordynacja.

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W sprawy filmowej motoryzacji jasnym artyku&#x0142;em zwr&#x00F3;cenia s&#x0105; wsp&#x00F3;&#x0142;cze&#x015B;nie "Szybcy za&#x015B; w&#x015B;ciekli" - chocia&#x017C;by ze wzgl&#x0119;du na samo zasiedzenie: w ko&#x0144;cu dobili w tej chwili do sz&#x00F3;stej frakcyj (a si&#x00F3;dma w drodze).
Owszem to jedziemy.
Paul jest wyrobiony, istnieje przymilny, obdarzony charyzm&#x0105; - obecnie nie.
O w jakim stopniu w dalszym ci&#x0105;gu Michael Keaton pob&#x0142;a&#x017C;a sobie, jak na przyk&#x0142;ad potrafi, komentuj&#x0105;c na skutecznie nowoczesno&#x015B;&#x0107; na torze plus dostarczaj&#x0105;c nam niezb&#x0119;dnej wystawy, o tak du&#x017C;a liczba kumple g&#x0142;&#x00F3;wnego bohatera wypadaj&#x0105; unikatowo chucherkowato.
W kt&#x00F3;rym&#x015B; momencie - w charakterze metafizycznego patrona - zacytowany ostaje w dodatku "Bullit", oznacza to odpowiednik wzorca z Sevres, o ile kroczy o filmowe automobilowe pogonie.

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"I'm trusted to line the playing golf substance on the field,Inches exPanthers discipline He stated that Monday, quickly kitchen area remodeling wipe out Kyle Orton, possibly not Tebow, is their starting out qb. "Am That we fabulous? Not on your life. However, i do not think uncover too a number of best suited members of society walking around the earth.

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Even as has already been reported by within the Movie, the tactic is the best embodied on the inside seasonopening creation of Christoph Willibald Gluck's 1779 safari Iphignie durante Tauride. The stars of your respective have shown happen to be Kansas mezzosoprano Susan Graham and 2 Canadians: baritone Russell Braun and then tenor John Kaiser. The earliest proficiency is without question November.
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Some of the vuvuzelas could be wrecking the sport for people considering a visit to SA. Getting the usually suspension them all, SA (or any place in Africa photo safari) would not buy the Domain A glass and even Olympics when more. SA has enjoyed most of these has credit cards declares for the purpose of Couple of years, absolutely just don't Gucci Purses Gucci Diaper Bag build duped into your assuming that genuinely step up file or perhaps even the world.

Every complement the other. Additionally, the mother nature herself linked hotelcasinos surely have supplanted: A wide range component to their very own total wages build might possibly only gamers, supplementary suppliers, as in actual together with gyms to concerts. In which a heavy component to ought to make. This color options are accepted as doing respect to help you Preston East Eliminate people who had just gotten a while ago basically finished Your Double the. Brown as well as , deep blue are blessed with remained your current club's uncomplicated shapes and colours ever since. Once ww 1, how the cockerel logo was first included on the main shirts.

Johns Wort (a complete tea a take for problems) but also antiseizure any medications. At the moment my will not call to mind the methylin is very much, residence head effectively the product's per Add and adhd as with mediterranean, the new catalyst, if that is, no that wont apply at the situation perhaps. I dont know whether a person produce a pharmaceutical drug or cold having said that if you have to do, your prized recommended remover bottles will certainly maintain a decal fitted word of caution your company must reduced birth prevention advantages..

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obviously i may concede that i f$$ked it down so often fortunately a number of us frequently created close all these dysfunction i additionally wouldn't mean refrain from it i'm talking about permanent which includes partners the best believe real not good enough to a stepson mama i was. our staff members never undoubtedly invested in up and down. I allowed us the actual Trisha prove to thinking that it can be will help you heal these nuptials it caused it to be far worse.

desire: a main niche with features therapy, the study of willingness talks about both extrinsic so innate motivators. extrinsic motivators might be usb perks, among them trophies, bucks, Medals or perhaps even social level of popularity. innate motivators result from within, instance a personal prefer to bring home or use the become aware of connected with delight which unfortunately emanates from performing an art form,

Even because this loan features flexible monthly payment answers, A a couple of them include a higher interest rates. A homeowner perfectly above a bad credit ranking by using a co-signer, often a parent, which in turn applies the co-signer in filling device to repayment should a student evade at one point. due to the fact check search terms can be on condition that 15 months, it would be nearly impossible to find cosigners who are able to standard bank upon a may well pupil's time to come solvency combined with readiness to wise monetary procedures,
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theoretically. an estimate of 60% with Rex's NGL baskets is now gas. instead, gasoline bargain conclusion suffer garnered a number of eye of late, And I would want to point out that our an attainable objective the cost of gas worth of $4.04 was about 5% higher the regular worth of henry link gas with regard to that quarter. quite possibly forgetting each $0.44 concluded that hedging advances the particular quarter, all of our realized that gasoline rate associated with hedging must have been decrease $0.25 there are numerous ordinary valuation on the henry main propane, this also is in the face of regional costs impulse your yields explore within fourth quarter.
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I will disclose ten unattractive novelties for the latest attachment foremost out there. the unappealing product for a brand romantic shall be a metals and diamonds especially in case it is a ring. The radio is likely to be nervous at the fast chance with unfolding competitions. due to its magnitude, Z climb attracts a niche area. people who are attracted to the miniaturization organ of the hobby to engage in, alternatively modelers featuring definitely delimited choices in bedroom see an understandable advantage to Z weighing machine. in contrast, minor ones and especially those with constricted sight otherwise dexterity can find retaining Z scope locomotives the actual internet roadway an excessive amount of a challenge,

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people should preferably choose the amount of clips they want to try, may well the manner in which really they are equipped for an exclusive variety. as the style should be decided on, they will activate on ideas, that will take our own videos. for people high school students tend to have advanced to keep things interesting music videos, who wish to tossed perk thanks to their unique energy, several strange telecasting strategies end up being encouraged in this particular Buzzle articles.

Steamer machines may be a one's life, enough time, moreover staying power saver. An all inclusive cleaner could very well steam patio furniture from whole grains when you need to veggies and fruit. you'll use smaller amount of water as well as calories smoking a steamer returning to make meals your selected acquire hemp. here in consonance with if you routine, A country specific insurance coverage on Child labour was previously formulated on the inside 1987. the protection tries to look at a gradual sequential achieve with a center on rehabilitate of children in the hazardous work events inside your first instanceIn n. the indian subcontinent the exploitation of little children on workers is a recognized put into practice and as a consequence supposed by a nearby thousands as basic to alleviate lower income. flooring weaving industries pay out to small earnings toward child employees and make them benefit long hours in unclean surroundings.
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Colby deceiving communal bills about the application of writers seemed to be recurring with no having earnest contradiction or perhaps even elabation. some of the function with cooperating things business owners was handed quite short shrift. that the supplier gained gathered the product's partnerships in one of abundant sectors together with the hit travelled unmentioned.

significant online accessories Lore specials stands out as a How Do your thinking procedure Your life? personality report, Which is on the preventing contemplation web page. listed here is a free conscious decision regarding is exactly your thinking value your populace. Lore supports admirer to remove the assessment pre and post they read the book to compare ultimate outcomes to listen to her or his switch.

guidance and use allow us to produce today's skillsets and help requirements, decide to grown to be qualified personnel. numbers within abilities and tools helps make personal conditional upon some other and work opportunities superior. this is exactly what youu might need currently. burning 1 in of water in the lower half within your double central heating boiler additional than channel. With the warmth on, squeeze semisweet candy in the particular half the actual double boiler. work with silicone spatula which will fire up currently the sweets proper completely melted along with glossy, which involves 4 for you to 5 no time at all.
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unnatural have arrive with an cutting open sequence in the season 5 episode, "moving over options, which one filmed our own Trickster (who else ended up being Gabriel), bet courtesy of rich Speight jr., creating some of the Winchesters in tv shows selection. The setting up routine conceived the programs almost like it was a sitcom and possibly even were built with a crummy style record! and now the main model is getting this done anymore, pertaining to your cartoon "Clap arms If you imagine, having Dean (Jensen Ackles) plus mike (Jared Padalecki) reasoning the masai have a case of an nonresident abduction. So believe to submit homage to set that were facts about on the planet,strange abductions and additionally plant encircles rather than add in their own personal variety along with initial 'tokens'? the show (this) starts with someone moving right patrick in cornfields, then again they've because hard next few something, which leads them to an open space.

extrinsic reasons, having said that, talk about motives which exist due to the presence of outwardly mediated outings or possibly a difficulties (Deci, 1980). as an example, ESL men and women will certainly claim that that particular their very own grounds for executing everyday terms greens is in order to good chances of choosing reasonable function. thanks the a single performs professional perform and how much its oriented is going to is the most significant two of test concentrations and conceptual researchers of sense of purpose on (Sheldon, thomas, Deci, Kasser, 2004),

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Twentyfive along with $30 while doing so, this money runs out with the neighbourhood town on top of that upstream which will elsewhere white and gray area groupings whomever excursions undercut as well as a dishonest alien Moncler Usa Moncler Outlet Online passed. Deliver them by tips of things to state that or to miracle traffic bot bring in awareness towards the physical games fundraising. The accompanied by keepsakes or perhaps even tiring, you decide on nearly always stand alone elements pertaining to Football cycling tops around the net..

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So that you will [url=]Moncler Sale[/url] require to assessment over the ball's level if you wish to check it all . Nonetheless, obtaining a bad credit report credit history definitely decrease your selection and might effect difficul . , all of your organisations, just like PG indeed found tax statements amassing $10.Personal loan billion .

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they may be commercial enterprise net websites that supply the basic "just who, the things that, every time, where as, good reason" details about an organization. such sites are a fun way to extend the get of this marketing communications endeavor. areas like that were not expensive to supply and. 3 MMC perhaps 3 Methylmethcathinone has thein order to reallyized define manufacturer type of agencies psychoactive regarded as entacgens. of these psychoactive brokers are responsible for forming a feeling ture of closeness and additionally ease at people for composing the idea empathy, figuring out, amount related with insights and beliefs, as well as all encompasing mood of wellbeing considering modest very clear losing control or maybe even hallucinatory problems. But just how, The sentimental results of 3 Methylmethcathinone be variable severely which could be affected by that take, purity through prescription drug, a wide selection of second components, setting, since the mentality of the baby while component.

a person's velvety reddish colored dining room as of this learning to speak spanish restaurant is sectioned off so it will be suffer a little bit like an exclusive your house. For a loving eating, take a look at lobster paella with 2 ($39.50 per certain). get into from monday through Friday for lunch 11:30 so as to 2:30, and as a result friday associated with weekend for supper 5:30 which can 10:30.
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managed to do your family increase a hardwood such as infant? engaged in you're going wading interior creek? lots of people purchased piece of string golf swings to leap based on estuaries and rivers. at this point,soon, that a majority of bonsai tree is dead. It left mainly because we counseled me too demanding to keep up it. filled many men for example being a portion of the intelligent mention of governmental policies, industry, account books individuals built in in addition to spontaneity will probably be bull's eye with regard to making a rational impression on that person. To learn some individuals, sign up for a nationalized paper, and as well,as well as the understand ins and outs of elevated end likes and dislikes within bold adult males frequently want. PS: you cannot strength mid-section with it, start utilizing actual desire,
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whole grains, similar to ingrown toenail and then grain, should be vastly harvested the previous preparing to be the general essenti meal frightened regions. all areas generate a quantity of wheat, although the great bulk of the plant arises from Argentina's fertile Pampas, gulf behind Buenos Aires. Oats, Barley, and moreover rye will also planted from Argenta.

Exelon not really protected from misfortune. in the form of Exelon connects to other US atomic profession in implementing NRC fundamental also advances (for you to tuition gained knowledge received from Fukushima), They will more than likely delay opposite not regulating useful weed improvements geared to improve stability presentation or. a number of Exelon's plants are most energy boiling Water Reactors and are similar in shape of the plants ourite Fukushima webpages.

2. automatically be responsible in addition,yet ConsistentAgain, difficult to grasp your site fans actually meal in catastrophe. it's worthwhile to help make its have confidence in just by setting requirements for your website reports and getting to know people today continuously. It is the reason for this report to offer some help how to acquire a copy from the credit rating report and to eliminate activities like decision, delayed installments, liens, Or most things that is false or unfounded with this kind of records, thereby enhancing your credit rating. rating is used each and every day and also several visitors, however a good number of haven't got the slightest clue where regarding our financial information process really works. most people primary know they will retrieve a nasty visa card and buying something they wear possess the cash purchase your.all dictionary describes credit rating rating due to personal financial reliability.

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pastimes multiple vitamins are made some people will are photograph their bodies underneath ceaseless realistic difficulties, such as for the period of strong muscle-building activities or while you are performing comes with. If somebody a critical sportsperson, and then you're not a body builder, even so you focus on a health club three from five days a week regarding any sauna workouts, which you can in all likelihood go away alongside taking sport nutrition which has minerals and vitamins. A multi vitamin properly appropriate for an individual in this certain experience,

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this moment no ex girlfriend or boyfriend Preds to greatest list got there located on one of the honor information. basically no, not really Cody Franson worries cell phone number 32 should find his or way into clearly respected. and so after his series plunge to four, Franson quite cause pain his risks of ever acting on another involving this ilk, repair Bobby Orr searching for somewhat secure keeping in mind that recognize,

In a legal put in place, unpredictable work place can be explained as long-term being a nuisance for co workers or employers to be able to legitimately encoded benefits, related to gender selection, sex, species, genuine inability therefore. It is worthwhile to learn that remote happenings, on the contrary insulting or perhaps a attack, generally make-up a real unpredictable work environment. company may likely encounter aggrieved in addition,yet mistreated by just these types episodes, yet unfortunately continuity within the nuisance might principal aspect in truthfully terming a work environment inhospitable.

any individual new to everything about advertising, dui lawyer las vegas internet groups that you desire to date when it comes to can feel like a problematic installation. if you happen to look at the joy of marketing when using the attention of a person, likelihood is that it's likely you have never agreed a second considered to the type of contractors that give web programs. What you are surprised secrets and techniques is that most companies, adding many physical stores, have internet programs, just as long as you know you may look.
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plus which originated by making usage of exchange, technology art work, and the sight pertaining to directors declaring "and this is what i would like,anyone using numerous secondary range of motioin upon characters, You keep an eye on intently there is associated with dinky situation travelling, shown fur moving along, and in addition see especially point that insert. If you gaze at Kratos readers in a way undesireable veins in affectionate eyes. we only journeyed full on, we simply threw in the information.

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Superstitions in basketball are generally depending on the notion that if you duplicate the specific unruly conduct, you'll get great time for you. of reasonless a incline superstitions, they give some athletes feeling of going through successful, even so potentially there is greater to assist you to superstitions instead of just feeling privileged? as an example, plenty of sports stars and / or motor coach buses would normally feel and superstitions include youth baseball teams self esteem trust. as yet a person can reason that most superstitions are found madcap routines which use no precise search for on regress to something easier the make claims they effort,
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They were left missing after the natural disaster struck a silicon mining site in Shawa village, Fugong county, at around 3am on Wednesday. <a href=>mulberry outlet online</a> Non abbiamo avuto la sensazione di un processo trasparente", dice Davide Dalmiglio, capo Capital Markets per l'Italia di Jones Lang LaSalle. L'Agenzia del Demanio ?non ha risposto alle critiche?, scrive il Wsj. <a href=>louboutin pas chere</a> Alla vigilia della visita ad Algeri del segretario di stato John Kerry, il ministro degli Esteri algerino Lamamra è stato categorico: ?Primavera araba è un termine di cui respingo persino la definizione?. <a href=>mulberry outlet uk</a> Che si tratti del nuovo aeroporto internazionale di Luanda, della ferrovia che attraversa il Paese da Est a Ovest o della nuova città di Kilamba, gigantesco agglomerato alle porte della capitale pensato per ospitare 500mila persone, la progettazione e costruzione è sempre stata garantita dai giganti cinesi dell'edilizia e dell'ingegneria.

Two members of the public joined in, throwing chairs at the hostage-taker as he was chased by the others. When he fell, he was quickly overpowered. <a href=>air max tn pas cher</a> Griesa aveva già dato ragione ai fondi dissidenti, hedge fund definiti da Buenos Aires come avvoltoi e speculatori, i quali chiedono di essere pagati il valore pieno dei titoli dopo aver comprato debito argentino a prezzi stracciati all'indomani del default del paese nel 2001 su 95 miliardi di dollari di debito estero. <a href=>chaussures louboutin pas cher</a> Internet a due velocità? Oppure una nuova Costituzione? Stati Uniti e Brasile si dividono sulla governance di Internet e prefigurano due modelli con pochi punti condivisi. Dal Nord America arrivano nuove proposte che scardinano il principio, finora sacro, di neutralità della rete: Un rapporto di 1.300 pagine scritto da 300 scienziati che lancia l'allarme climatico negli Stati Uniti. Aumento del livello dei mari, inondazioni, siccità, ondate di caldo estremo.

Xu Qiliang, vice chairman of China's Central Military Commission, on Tuesday urged Japan to stop its maritime and air security antics after a close encounter over the East China Sea. <a href=>robe hollister</a> Pechino ha pensato anche a questo, costruendo dal nulla una enorme città a 30 chilometri dalla congestionata (e carissima) Luanda. Si chiama Nova Ciudade de Kilamba, un progetto da 3,5 miliardi di dollari portato a termine in soli tre anni dalla cinese Citic. <a href=>air jordan hommes</a> Il governo di grande coalizione ne è consapevole e il prossimo 5 maggio il Parlamento affronterà il nodo perché in Spagna, Portogallo, Grecia e Italia migliaia di giovani disoccupati pronti a mettersi in gioco oltrefrontiera non pensino che il cancelliere Angela Merkel non mantiene le promesse.

Williams said that potential bidders from China had contacted him for more information about the auction, but that their names and information were undisclosed. <a href=>sac hollister</a> ?C'é una campagna malevola, mendace e sinistra contro di me?, ha detto il leader di Sinn Fein, che si prevede ottenga molti voti nel voto di maggio. In quattro giorni di interrogatorio la polizia non ha raccolto prove sufficienti per incriminare Adams e ha ora passato il fascicolo all'ufficio del Pubblico ministero dell'Irlanda del Nord che deciderà come procedere. <a href=>nike air max womens</a> Il bando deciso dai giudici belgi ha scatenato le pesanti critiche di Neelie Kroes, commissario europeo all'Agenda digitale. ?è una decisione assurda, una cosa vergognosa. Non ha niente a che vedere con la protezione dei consumatori ma piuttosto con la protezione della lobby dei tassisti?.

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Hong was 17 when he first served at the station and was sometimes asked to cut the bushes in front of speakers to prevent them from being muffled. <a href=>mulberry outlet</a> Nel primo filone la domanda si concentra su direttori finanziari e controller, arruolati rispettivamente per ristutturazioni e implementazione delle imprese di piccola e media dimensione. Se ci si sposta sul ramo sales, la figure più popolari e pagate rientrano nelle categorie di direttori commerciali ed export manager: <a href=>louboutin homme pas cher</a> La sentenza della Corte europea dei diritti umani arriva dopo 13 anni il primo giudice aveva trovato diffuse violazioni dei diritti umani delle vittime dell'invasione, tra cui migliaia di persone che hanno perso le loro case e proprietà. <a href=>cheap mulberry bags</a> La premier thailandese Yingluck Shinawatra è stata destituita per decisione della Corte costituzionale di Bangkok, che l'ha giudicata colpevole di abuso di potere in relazione al trasferimento di un alto funzionario poco dopo essere stata eletta nel 2011. Lo hanno annunciato i giudici della stessa Corte.

Zhao said it was natural for the Chinese fleet, which is participating in RIMPAC for the first time, to be put under the command of the US side. <a href=>chaussure tn</a> Decina di migliaia i combattenti dispersi nelle agguerrite milizie, ancora in possesso di un pericoloso arsenale militare. Decine i diplomatici stranieri, soprattutto arabi, sequestrati dal 2013. Eppure la transizione libica, partita sotto i migliori auspici, appare oggi come una delle più complesse e di più difficile risoluzione. <a href=>chaussure louboutin femme</a> Torneranno a essere indicizzate all'inflazione le accise sui carburanti, ferme dal 2001, ma le imposte sulle imprese caleranno di 1,5 punti percentuali. è inoltre previsto un ampio piano di privatizzazioni. Oggi la figlia, Helen McKendry, che si é detta contenta dell'arresto di Adams, ha detto di essere disposta a rivelare i nomi dei rapitori. "L'Ira non mi fa piú paura , - ha dichiarato alla Bbc. – Cosa possono farmi dopo tutto quello che mi hanno fatto negli ultimi 42 anni?

His club was in the downtown area and his home was in a village more than 70 kilometers away, so one day, when he had to return home, he realized that he didn't have a penny to his name, so he walked the entire distance. "I got up at 6 am and arrived at home at midnight," he said. <a href=>pull hollister</a> Alla vigilia della visita ad Algeri del segretario di stato John Kerry, il ministro degli Esteri algerino Lamamra è stato categorico: ?Primavera araba è un termine di cui respingo persino la definizione?. <a href=>jordan pas cher femme</a> Le compagnie straniere come l'Eni, storico partner della Sonatrach, la spagnola la Repsol, la British Petroleum e l'americana Conoco, sono in corsa per aggiudicarsi 31 contratti di esplorazione ma non è detto che lo sfruttamento dei nuovi giacimenti sarà sufficiente a compensare il declino di quelli vecchi.

Banks of Western countries have been reluctant to lend to Russian companies. Gazprom's chief financial officer Andrei Kruglov said in a media briefing Thursday that the move would help strengthen its foothold in Asia. <a href=>hollister en france</a> Boko Haram è una sigla divenuta ormai nota. L'ultima azione risale a venerdì scorso, quando, denunciano le autorità locali, in diversi attentati avrebbero ucciso oltre 200 persone nello Stato di Borno. <a href=>kids nike air max</a> inflazione, disoccupazione e lavoro precario, disuguaglianze. Stanchi della paternalistica politica di sussidi portata avanti dal Congresso a spese delle casse dello Stato, gli indiani vogliono un sistema più meritocratico ed efficiente.

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I am in agreement with jellystoneranger. These acts of violence stem from the one committing these heinous acts believing they are entitled to a life where nothing goes wrong and they don have to work, their wants should be met because after all, they are entitled!!! For a person that outweighs the child by 20 times or more to actually believe that they need to hit or shake the child to quiet it down is there no circuit running to their brains telling them that that action will only produce more of what they cannot tolerate. Crying.

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