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What is a declaration of state land?

8/9/14 - The legal acrobatics used in order to confiscate Palestinian lands

The New Settlement in E2 (Nahla) - A Significant Threat to the Two States Solution

2/9/14 - A Significant Threat to the Two States Solution South of Bethlehem

The Price of Settlements

August 2013 - So where is the money to the settlements hiding?

Map of the West Bank Settlements

The Interactive Map and iphone App - including data and information on each settlement and more

The Voting Patterns of the Settlers

19/2/13 - A summary of 2013 Knesset elections at the settlements

Settlements and the Netanyahu Government

16/1/13 - A Deliberate Policy of Undermining the Two State Solution

11 thousand units in one week - the government's settlement offensive

5/12/12 - 3,000 new tenders, promotion of plans in E1, promotion of plans in East Jerusalem - what is it all about?

Following the Court Ruling the Question of a New Settlement in Hebron Returns to the Government

On September 13, 2012 the Magistrate Court ruled that the “House of Contention” in Hebron belongs to the Settlers. The Government will now need to decide whether to approve the establishment of a new settlement in Hebron for the first time since the 80’s.

Peace Now’s plan to save billions by reducing some benefits of settlements

Instead of tax hikes – stop indulging the settlements

For the First Time Since 1990 – the Government is to Approve the Establishment of New Settlements

19 April 2012 - The Government is to Legalize Rechelim, Bruchin and Sansana