In recent years, the idea of a 2 state solution has become accepted by decision makers in Israel and all over the world. Decision-makers often speak of the 2-state solution as the only solution that will allow Israel to maintain its identity as a Jewish and Democratic country, events on the ground however, can create irreversible facts to the contrary.

Peace Now’s Settlement Watch team are working and struggling, even when they encounter settler violence towards them, to see that this solution is able to be implemented on the ground.

Peace Now’s comprehensive reports reveal  the facts of construction activities in the  territories to the Israeli public. They also show the heavy price- economic, social and security that Israel is paying to achieve the absurd dream of a complete land of Israel.

The reports and facts published by the Settlement Watch team are well known as one of the most complete and reliable sources of information on the issue of settlements and they are constantly published in newspapers both in Israel and all over the world. They are also quoted in a plethora of policy and academic documents.


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Following the Court Ruling the Question of a New Settlement in Hebron Returns to the Government

On September 13, 2012 the Magistrate Court ruled that the “House of Contention” in Hebron belongs to the Settlers. The Government will now need to decide whether to approve the establishment of a new settlement in Hebron for the first time since the 80’s.

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For the First Time Since 1990 – the Government is to Approve the Establishment of New Settlements

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New Tenders in Har Homa C - Ending the Two State Solution?

Netanyahu continues with his plan to block Bethlehem and the southern Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem so that no Palestinian capital will be able to be established in East Jerusalem.