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Pnei Kedem




Parental Settlement: Asfar

Established: 2002

Distance from Green Line: 14.5 km

Outside of Separation Barrier

The outpost contains 37 trailers and 1 permanent structure.

Statement about the outpost in the Sasson Report which was published in March 2005:
Date established: May 1992
The closest settlement: Meitzad Asfar, at a distance of approx. 500 m as the crow flies.
Government or Minister of Defense approval for its establishment: None. (There is a government decision with regard to Meitzad).
Nature of land rights: State lands + seizure injunction for Dorit, the Nachal outpost.
Body which allocated the land: Planning approval (only) agreement with the Zionist Histadrut from April 1997 to March 1999 (no longer valid).
Planning status:  None.  A request for a plan with regard to a section of the outpost has been submitted.
Jurisdiction: Gush Etzion Regional Council, within the boundaries of Meitzad Asfar.
No. of inhabitants: 11 families.
Type of construction:  45 caravans; concrete foundations; a mikve
Body financing the establishment: The Ministry of Housing and Construction provided 300,000 NIS for the infrastructures.
Connection to electricity grid: No request submitted to be connected
Connection to water system: